The Outreach Project


The Outreach Project is a grant program sponsored by the Poway Valley Garden Club to support and encourage horticultural pursuits in the San Diego community. Grant requests are evaluated by a specific criterion and must fulfill at least one of the following Club objectives:


Promote interest in gardening and related creative activities 

Creative activities includes arts and crafts that use plant material such as succulent bowls, wreaths or flower arranging.


Improve and beautify the community 

This includes garden oriented projects around public spaces such as schools, libraries, community   centers or parks. 


Provide garden education and information 

Garden education includes everything from youth projects to school gardens.


The application may be submitted from September 1 through May 30, and determination will be made within 30-90 days of the application receipt. The club will request a short-written follow-up or photos describing the outcome and impact of the project to share with club members. 


Applications will be evaluated based on the fulfillment of the highlighted objectives outlined above, the impact on the group or community and the thoroughness of the project.

The Outreach project is our way of investing back into our community while encouraging garden-related activities

Applications are closed until September 1, 2022

A PDF application is available upon request