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Templars Hall/

Old Poway Park

14134 Midland Road, Poway, CA

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General Meetings 
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Programs for 2023


General Meeting 

Wednesday, October 11

Program: Permaculture with Diane Kennedy, Guest Speaker

In 2011, Diane Kennedy began transforming her 1.68 acres in Fallbrook into Finch Frolic Garden, a permaculture and wildlife habitat. She will discuss methods of regenerative living and gardening without chemicals. Permaculture teaches how to work with nature by designing your property to manage rainwater, stack functions so that each element works with the other, feed your soil rather than your plants, and cut your gardening efforts and costs. 


General Meeting: 

Wednesday, November 8 

Program: Do Your Part to Save our Citrus with Kathryn Blankinship, Guest Speaker

Kathryn is a Master Gardener with expertise in acid-loving flowers, earth-friendly gardening, and Rare Fruit Trees & Citrus. She will talk about Huanglongbing or citrus greening disease, which has decimated the citrus industry in Florida and is threatening the state of California. The disease has been spotted in Rancho Bernardo, and Kathryn will explain what backyard gardeners can do now to address this issue.


General Meeting

Wednesday, December 6

Members Only


Programs for 2024


General Meeting

Wednesday, January 10 

Program: Xeriscape and Water Conservation with Pam Meisner, Guest Speaker

Pam Meisner has been Director of Education and Outreach at The Water Conservation Garden in El Cajon for 16 years. She created the character, “Ms. Smarty-Plants”, to educate children. Her expertise in horticulture began while she worked as Education Specialist at the San Diego Zoo, giving behind the scenes tours. She will inspire and teach us how to create a beautiful landscape while conserving water.


General Meeting

Wednesday, February 14

Program: Plants for Slopes, Shade, and Difficult Places with Linda Bresler, Guest Speaker

Linda Bresler is a landscape designer specializing in beautiful drought tolerant, low maintenance gardens with year-round color. One of her waterwise designs, located in Poway, won the Grand Prize, 2012 Garden of the Year award from San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles magazine. Since she lived in Poway for 19 years on a slope of 2 acres, she is familiar with the issues that local homeowners may encounter in landscaping their properties.


General Meeting

Wednesday, March 13 

Program: Spring Arrangements with Proteas with Diana Roy, Guest Speaker

Diana Roy is an experienced grower of protea and Australian wildflowers, and the Business Manager at Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers. She has worked there for 21 years and oversees the cultivation of more than 350 varieties of flowers and foliage. She will give a demonstration on designing Spring arrangements using protea and other flowers—just in time for Easter and the Flower Show!

General Meeting

Wednesday, April 10

Program: Bates Nut Farm 100 Year Anniversary with Sherrie Ness, Guest Speaker

Sherrie Ness’ great grandparents started Bates Nut Farm in 1923. She will share the history of the farm and what it was like growing up and growing walnuts! Learn how the farm has evolved into a thriving pumpkin business.


General Meeting

Wednesday, May 8

Program: San Diego Zoo Botanical Garden & Horticulture with Adam Graves, Guest Speaker

Adam Graves is the Director of Horticulture at the San Diego Zoo and oversees plant conservation work, landscape management and the agricultural teams. Learn about the early history and evolution of the “shining jewel” as well as how the ongoing work today factors into public conservation. 


General Meeting 

Wednesday, June 12, 9:00am

Members Only

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