A Blue Ribbon
Garden Club

Poway, California
est. 1961


Go Places

Club Events at Old Poway Park
14134 Midland Road, Poway CA

Nov. 13th

PVGC Flower Show “Let's Celebrate the Holidays”

December 11

Holiday Garden Gifts and Plant Sale at Christmas in the Park at Old Poway Park

April 23, 2022

PVGC Flower Show and Plant Sale "Fantasy in the Garden"

June 5-11

National Garden Week "Our Future Gardeners"

July 4

Garden Gifts and Plant Sale at Old-Fashioned 4th of July at Old Poway Park

Flower Show & Plant Sale
April 23, 2022
Old Poway Park

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Club Objectives:

  •         Promote interest in gardening and related creative activities

  •         Improve and beautify our community

  •         Provide garden education and information