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C.G.C.I. Blue Ribbon Garden Club

About Us

Welcome to the Poway Valley Garden Club located in the City of Poway

Member of...
National Garden Clubs, Inc., recognized as the largest volunteergardening organization in the world.
California Garden Clubs, Inc. the statewide federation of California garden clubs & plant societies.
Palomar District of CGCI

Affiliate Member of...
San Diego Botanical Foundations, Inc.
The Nature Conservancy
San Diego Floral Association

Our Objectives…
* to promote interest in gardening and related creative activities
* to encourage improvements, beautification of our community and personal property

Next PVGC General Meeting to be held
Wednesday, September 14th, 9:00 a.m.
Templars Hall, Old Poway Park, Poway, CA 92064

Next PVGC Board Meeting to be held
Wednesday, September 7th, in the Parlour, Old Poway Park

What's New

Thank you to ALL PVGC members for a
wonderful garden club year. Have a great summer!

PVGC Flower Show & Annual Plant Sale
was a HUGE success!

Thank you to all who participated!


Hort Design Rose

2016 PVGC Flower Show Schedule online version

Rolling Hills Elementary Garden Open House: Thursday, April 21, 5-7 p.m. Join us in song, fun, and Earth Day Cheer! Buy succulents and butterfly plants, seeds and gourds. Garden Open House flyer click here.

Why is your Red Apple Groundcover dying?
The Master Gardener Association gives you an answer to what is happening to your Red Apple Groundcover.

Plant Pathology Laboratory You can take your plant specimens to the Department of Agriculture to exam for free. Click here for more information.

Water Conservation from the City of Poway get more information about water conservation in the City of Poway.

Thank you Gisele Schoniger for presenting an informative program on creating healthy soils for successful gardens!

Wish List for Chaparral Elementary School Garden. Please click here if you would like to help Chapparral Elementary's school garden.

PVGC Wins 2015 State, Pacific Region & National Awards

PVGC received six awards from California Garden Club, three awards from Pacific Region and two awards from National Garden Club.

1. 2014 Flower Show
2. C-14 First PI Butterfly Garden $50.00 & blue ribbon
3. G-2 First PI Club Yearbook Class V $50.00 & blue rosette
4. G-5 Membership Promotion Award $30.00
5. Blue Ribbon Garden Club
6. Suzy Foran:  HT-3 Third PI Best "Green" Recipe $20.00Roy

Pacific Region:
1. 2014 Flower Show
2. 3e 70-90 members Club Yearbook
13a Membership Campaign $20.00

National Garden Clubs:
1. 2014 Flower Show, large purple rosette
2. 3e 70-90 members Club Yearbook $20.00

And to top if all off, Roy Wilburn won "Man of the Year" for Palomar District! What an honor!

Club members, we have a lot to celebrate after all of the hard work and teamwork this past year. Please pat yourselves on the back! Thanks for making a difference for our club and showing what PVGC can do when we all work together.

Dealing with Drought
from the Golden Gardens eNews September 2015 Edition
Following are a few suggestions for handling these challenging condi-tions. YOUR tips and tricks are welcome!

Should I SAVE my trees during this drought? Absolutely...trees
provide an immense range of health, energy, environmental and
eco-nomic benefits including:
*Improving air and water quality
* Providing shade/reducing water needs
* Keeping your house cooler
*Slowing storm water runoff
*Recharging groundwater
* Reducing soil erosion
* Adding value - home/neighborhood

How can I save them?
*Mature trees-Water deeply and slowly 1-2 times per month with soaker hose/drip system at edge of tree canopy.
*Young trees need 5 gallons of water 2-4 times/week. Create a small basin with berm of dirt.
* Use shower water that is free of non-biodegradable soaps
*Do NOT over-prune during drought, it causes stress

For more tips click here...

More Water Conservation information added to our Links page...

bewaterwise.com The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California provide useful information, rebates and incentives.

Water Conservation Garden Cuyamaca College promoting water conservation in the southern California landscape through excellent exhibits and programs that educate and inspire the public.

Water Education Foundation provides information about water conservation, new trends and water topics.

Water Smart San Diego County live smart and discover ways to adapt a "WaterSmart" lifestyle. Learn more with information, programs and incentives. Click here for a electronic flipbook version of Homeowner's Guide to a WaterSmart Landscape.theme_photo

2015-2016 Membership Brochure

A Special Thank You to:

All PVGC Members who helped with our Flower Show and Plant Sale!

Golden Gardens eNews
The Golden Gardens eNews is the official publication of CGCI. It is a benefit of your membership in California Garden Clubs, Inc. (CGCI).
This eNews is free and will contain important information for all members. It will be sent three times per year to those who subscribe.
For more information or to subscribe click


Join Us

Do you have the interest to grow things and learn more about gardening in our area?

Are you interested in meeting and knowing people who like to garden?

Do you have problems in your yard and garden you would like to learn how to fix them?

You are welcomed to join Poway Valley Garden Club organized since 1961.

Membership dues are $30 July-June. Members joining after February 1 will pay $15.00 and their membership expires June 30th.

For more information and a contact telephone number please click on our Membership Brochure link below...

This brochure requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.

Garden Clubs are made up of volunteers, so what makes a volunteer?
*Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer
(and those who can do “most” join a garden club)
*Volunteers do not necessarily have the time…they just have the heart
*If you think you are too small to be effective,
have you never been in bed with a mosquito.
*Volunteers don't get paid…not because they're worthless,
but because they're priceless!
*Thank you Members for being part of Poway Valley Garden Club.

Friendship in the Garden

You are invited to join us and share a year of fun outings, informational programs, good food and socialization with other gardeners.


Share your garden: invitation available here


Look at our Programs Section and check out the Calendar of Gardening Activities..

President's Message
Poway Valley Garden Club Welcomes You!

We are very excited about this year’s theme, “Seed to Table”.

Gisele Schoniger, of Kellogg Garden Products, will provide ideas and solutions for how to build healthy soils and successful gardens.

Where would our gardens be without pollinators? Bill Toone from Ecolife with teach us what we can do to help out America’s favorite butterfly, the Monarch.

Pint sized gardeners are our future. We are going to give local school gardens a big shot in the arm thanks topresidents the generous donation of Ann Dahnke’s brother, Jim Tiffany and PVGC! Pick up your spade or trowel and please join us!

Looking for your first blue ribbon? Have a desire to become a flower show judge, but don’t feel qualified? Not only are we having our amazing flower show in April, but our members are organizing and leading a flower show school in September.

Do you have a special skill or interest? Are you ready to share your garden with fellow club members? Is there a topic that you would like to learn more about? Please let us know! The sky’s the limit. This is your club. We want your ideas and participation! Gardening is not a spectator sport, right?
It’s going to be a great year!

Co-President’s Donna Payton and Roy Wilburn

Executive Board

PVGC Executive Board

Co-Presidents Donna Payton & Roy Wilburn
1st Vice President (Programs) Joanie Espy & Ann Dahnke
2nd Vice President (Membership) Suzy Foran
Recording Secretary Sylvia Ginsberg
Corresponding Secretary Pat Walter
Treasurer De Anne Cole
Parliamentarian Emily Troxell


by Judy Nemec and proofed by Betty Brandow

The Beginning
The Poway Valley Garden Club began in the fall of 1961 with the efforts of Gwen Stockes and 34 other charter members. The dues were $4.00 a year with a $1 initiation fee and the Club met twice a month at member homes.

There was much interest and involvement in the growing community. Contacts were made in regard to unsightly appearance of shopping centers, and awards were made to those who had made significant improvements at business sites.

Civic Activity

One has to be impressed with the activity of the early Club. There was a need to raise money, so many plant sales occurred, as-well-as pancake breakfasts. The money often went to beautification projects. In return for the use of school or Church facilities, plantings were made; trees were regularly planted on Arbor Day, and the grounds of the Poway Valley Riders Association was landscaped with the advice, help and donations from Club members. Plantings were also made at the San Pasqual Wild Animal Park. Several years of discussion about plantings at “Welcome to Poway” signs in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce led eventually to the installation of a water supply at the west entrance to town on Poway Road and a donation toward the planting. Click on arbor day photo to make larger.


Through the years many projects were supported by the Club. Besides beautification of Poway, garden therapy – which was directed toward a retirement home – was a civic activity. For a time there was support of Girl Scout troops and the world gardening project collected money for seeds and implements and scholarships to help Korea. During the whole history of the Club, money has been collected to plant trees in the Cleveland National Forest. As of September 2005, 50 one-acre plantations have been planted. A special community-wide effort to collect money for this was made in September 1970 because of a forest fire. In 2004 the Club took on responsibility for planting and maintaining three raised beds in a periodmotif at the Nelson House in Old Poway Park.


For many years there was a Husband’s Night potluck dinner. Continuing to the present is the annual December holiday party with the gift exchange, silent auction and food collection. Another continuing activity since 1967 is the weekly donation of arrangements to the Library.


The early Club was very interested in birds and developed an extensive list of the birds in the area, as-well-as built feeding stations to sell. From the start through the 1990’s they participated in the Pow Wow Days activities, sometimes having a parade entry, exhibit or produce show and competition.

From the late 60’s through 1975 the Club was responsible for the Colorful Gardens feature in the PowayNewsChieftain. At various times there was involvement in tree recycling and clean-up campaigns – the Club even has its own 30 gallon garbage can!


During the 1st two decades, the Club was so interested in flower design that there were often two meetings a month – one of which was a workshop. During the first years the meetings were held at a variety of member homes. The Community Church was used for large occasions and later for regular meetings. For many years the club met in a large room in the trailer home of Linnie Haley. The Haleys also stored Club properties and the Library materials. In 1986 the trailer park was sold and the Club began meeting at the Lake Poway Pavilion. Because of the rose garden maintenance done by the Club, the rental fee there was waived. Increasing membership was almost always a desire; but while the Club was meeting at the Haley’s there was a proposal to limit membership to 50 because of the space available. Teas were held, sometimes twice a year to attract people. Those who did join were given small plants during some of the years.

The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden at Lake Poway was started with 16 bare-root bushes being planted in 1973. Over the years many roses had to be replaced because of inadequate watering, being eaten by pests, being destroyed during re-landscaping and road construction. A drip system was finally installed by Club members in the late 90’s, and the Park overhauled the system and took responsibility for it in 1999. Various fences were put in place, one in 1975 as a result of large personal donations. In the earlier years the annual January rose pruning was a big activity that attracted lots of people. The North County Rose Society gave instructions and our Club either held a potluck luncheon for those involved or provided sandwiches, dessert and drinks to the attendees. The demonstrations terminated with the arrival in town of Anderson’s Nursery in 1999 and their demonstrations.Click on rose pruning photo to make larger.

1973 Rose Garden at Poway Lake
2005 Rose Garden at Poway Lake


The Club treasury never got anywhere near $1000 in the early years. Money was donated to many causes. A big one of the 70’s was the building of a sensory trail for the blind at the Cabrillo National Monument. They also donated for the placement of Blue Star Memorial markers and to the American Land Trust and several other organizations. Since before the new Library was built, the Club has donated money for a subscription to Sunset Magazine and/or California Gardens. The Club gave up its primary money maker – spring and fall plant sales – because they could not compete with the offerings in the grocery stores as of 1979. At the end of the 90’s the treasury balance was averaging just over $1000. Selling Visions of Beauty calendars was then a major source of money.

Flower Shows

Flower Shows began in l962. There were 15 annual shows, and then members began to vote against the effort in much of the 80’s and most of the 90’s. The sites have been Valley Elementary School, Poway High School, Meadowbrook Middle School, the Poway Community Center and finally Old Poway Park. To finance the early shows, ads were sold for the Schedule, and then in 1965 they listed donors. Few shows occurred in the 80’s and 90’s, but resumed when the City of Poway offered generous support in combination with the Earth/Arbor Day celebrations. There have been 28 shows in the 43 year history (2005). Click on photo to make larger.

Save the Eagles

A long-time project until recently was the collection of commemorative cancelled stamps. The stamps were sold to dealers and the money raised went to saving eagles.

We look forward to more years of interesting programs and tours, the increase of membership and the involvement of all in the activities of the Club.

To-date we have...

  • Contributed to many Pennies Pines Plantings
  • Held 37 Standard Flower Shows
  • Contributed toward purchase of Pygmy Forests and Save the Torrey Pines
  • Participated in many other projects pertaining to horticulture, for example check out Projects.

Contact Us

We would like hearing from you at PVGC at outlook dot com
ATTENTION when emailing us, you will need to change "at" to @ and "dot" to a . and remove all spaces. This will help us to avoid spam email. Thank you!


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